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Military Aircraft Live Wallpapers v10.73 APK for Android download

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App is free with HD Military Aircraft Live Wallpapers. Does not drain extra battery in both active and inactive conditio

App is free with HD Military Aircraft Live Wallpapers. Does not drain extra battery in both active and inactive conditions i.e. optimized battery usage. View images either from application own album as stunning wallpapers, or can select pictures from photo gallery, or from any folder on your SD card.
It changes wallpapers automatically using default time interval of one hour or want to change it immediately by double tap on any screen. Military Aircraft Live Wallpapers provides different effects like zooming in/out, fade in/out, slide an image, wipe, 3d rotation etc.
Military Aircraft Live Wallpapers support both horizontal and vertical orientation with great effects on your smart phone or tablet.
Instructions for installation:
Home > Menu > Wallpaper > Live Wallpaper > Military Aircraft Live Wallpapers or Press and hold home button (screen) Live wallpapers and Military Aircraft Live Wallpapers, or from settings (create and open shortcut to Military Aircraft Live Wallpapers).
App Settings:
Common settings: – Select picture source to display pictures (picture source can be internal wallpaper present in live wallpapers app, or select from album or picture folder or even select a single picture). Change the background color of the screen (it can be red, green, blue etc. or auto detect color), crop or resize pictures to fit screen size or fit to full screen, decrease image saturation (from 100 to 10 %), or decrease opacity of the image.
Individual settings: – Individual settings is for a specified screen e.g. Select screen number and change its settings i.e. its picture source or background color or resize the wallpaper of the specified screen, its opacity etc. etc.
Lock screen settings: – Change the lock screen settings with different provided settings, i.e. picture source, background color, image resize ratio, image saturation and opacity etc.
Transition type settings: – When switching screen you can change its animation to 3d, swing, wipe, etc. etc. zoom and slide is automatically selected.
Picture Interval settings: – Change the pictures interval automatically one hour is selected.
Advanced Settings: – Even advanced settings can be performed includes, work around for some home applications, maximum memory usage and image color depth.
Airplanes have changed the world in many ways. Lindberg crossed the Atlantic, war efforts were supported heavily by the use of aircraft, world travel has skyrocketed, travelling has been made easier, and unfortunately the airplane was used for terrorism.
Motorcar transportation will become a thing of the past in the future, and more aircraft will flourish in the airways above. The world needs to spend more time working on new concepts instead of lousy petrol-burning automobiles. Let us see into a future with alternative transportation, a world where a car accident is an occurrence of computer miss-management and is few and far between.
For further developments and for developer support app includes ads, so bear it patiently. If you have any complaint or suggestion we welcome your feedback on [email protected]
Thanks for your installation.

Download APK(7.6MB)

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